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large [medium] design office

large [medium] design office

Toronto’s large [medium] design office is a multi-disciplinary design firm and research practice led by principals Nadia Cannataro and Francesco Martire. The practice engages in the investigation, exploration, and experimentation in the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urbanism. Its portfolio features a wide range of commercial, urban and residential projects that are each a testament to large [medium] design office’s knack for excellence.

At its core, the studio’s principles are rooted in a commitment to serving clients with customized solutions that respond to specificities of site, program, economic, cultural, and social conditions of each project. LARGEMDO.COM

Francesco Martire and Nadia Cannataro, large [medium] design office
Architect/landscape architect Francesco Martire and interior designer Nadia Cannataro of large [medium] design office.

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large [medium] design office

123 Fern Ave
Toronto, ON
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