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Three Modern Brick Houses with Lighter-Than-Air Facades

In the facades of three light-filled modern homes, red brick building material is a blockbuster

By Designlines

One of Toronto’s most recognizable typologies – red brick – is being revisited. In residential neighbourhoods, where infills mediate between existing house styles and cutting-edge design, brick is an experienced diplomat. (Especially where sceptical neighbours are concerned).

Brick houses aren’t everyone’s cup of tea though. Take the traditional Victorian dwellings in old neighbourhoods like the Annex and Cabbagetown that are gloriously textured on the outside, but period-drama gloomy within. Dispelling the shadows is a new generation of brick houses — designed by such architecture firms as Gabriel Fain, Batay-Csorba and KPMB — that let light shine through their solid facades.

In this series, writer Amrit Phull tours three magnificent modern brick houses that champion this age-old building block. Click on the homes below to reveal their light-filled interiors.

modern brick houses - Gabriel Fain Architects Brick Cantilever Home Toronto
Photo by Dylan Tedaldi

A Brick Cantilever Shakes Up a Quiet Street

Gabriel Fain Architects add a cantilever to elevate a brick home’s living space and preserve a neighbour’s parkland view. Its impressive size maximizes interior floor area, creates space for a carport and draws the eyes up, up and away from the main-floor living space.

modern brick houses
Photo by Adrien Williams

KPMB’s Thornwood House Draws Outside the Lines

On a pie shaped lot, KPMB composes a brick and steel modern house according to the Golden Ratio. Brick is used within and without to connect the interior space, which boasts treetop views and spacious corridors, to the great outdoors.

batay csorba architects
Photo by Doublespace Photography

Batay-Csorba Architects Bring Dappled Light to Parkdale

Batay-Csorba Architects add patterned screens to a Parkdale Duplex inspired by cloud-gazing. The modern home facades feature reclaimed red brick masonry, angled roofs and black fascias.

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