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Reigo and Bauer

Merike Reigo and Stephen Bauer are on a mission to make architecturally designed homes feel more attainable to the average buyer. The custom home designers started Reigo & Bauer in 2004 after graduating from architecture school. Their first project – a sleek and airy residence built on an 84-square-metre lot in the Beach – showed that the word “design” need not mean seven-figure prices. Focused on designing and constructing contemporary houses built on spec, Reigo & Bauer also do commissions for construction, renovation and interior design. Recently, they completed the design of a four-storey staircase made out of rubber, glass and wood for a condo; the interior of a children’s library in north Toronto; plus a number of renovations for condos and houses.

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Reigo and Bauer

1213 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M5R 3H3


416 533 3203